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Discussion in 'Yellow Pages Script / Local Directory Script' started by maildawg, May 24, 2016.

  1. maildawg

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    Hi Andrew in windows 7 & 10 there is a snipping tool and you could copy and paste catalog cut sheets in this forum example below, can you edit the venue description box to work with this code or maybe create a new box same size as description box ?

    thank you very much.

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  2. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Greetings @maildawg ,

    Please describe your feature in other words as I don't clearly understand you now. Do you want us to add feature for Description field of Venues that will do the same as Windows Snipping tool?
  3. maildawg

    maildawg New Member

    I would use the tool to snip a field of a webpage, word doc, or excell then paste it in the description venue box if you have ever used the tool maybe you would understand. Some how it works with this forum software. Mac has it too.
  4. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    @maildawg ,

    The tool you're talking about has already been implemented for any venue field with type = textarea that uses CKEditor.
    By default, Description field has CKEditor, so you can paste snipped images directly to Description field by Ctrl (for non Mac) / Cmd (for Mac) + V shortcut.

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  5. maildawg

    maildawg New Member

    This doesn't work with the tool.
    Did you try it ?

  6. Gleb_S.

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