Startup an on-demand Gojek like app using ready-made app

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    Entrepreneurs who wish to launch a multi-service app like Gojek can do so effortlessly with Appdupe’s world-class solutions. The trained technical team at Appdupe ensures that the Gojek clone is up-to-date and houses the latest tech-stack. With advanced features like video streaming services, an in-app wallet, etc., captivating the audience is no more a strenuous task. The solution comes preloaded with COVID-19 safety add-ons.

    The captivating features of the Gojek clone include,

    - Contactless delivery
    - SOS button
    - Multiple payment gateways
    - Geofencing
    - VoIP-based call masking
    - In-app wallet
    - Income statistics
    - Multiple orders
    - In-app chatbots

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