Subrion 3.2 Available Now!

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    We are happy to announce the release of the long awaited Subrion 3.2 version. We worked hard to deliver the stable, reliable, and feature-rich release and now we can be definitely happy with the results. So what we offer in Subrion 3.2 release. Here are the most significant features implemented in our new version:

    Revived permissions system
    Administrators can easily configure ACL via admin dashboard. Now you can setup specific access level for usergroups and individual members.

    Recurring billing in the box
    You can configure recurring sponsored plans for any item, including paid memberships or sponsored listings. The system automatically charges members.

    Visual mode improvements
    Do you still remember the time when you requested to enable blocks for specific pages only and disable them for the rest pages? Forget it now! You can easily disable or enable blocks for specific pages in Subrion 3.2 and there is another cool feature - you can now disable a whole position for specific page! And the most cool thing about it - you can now easily do this in Visual Mode so you can see the changes in real time.

    There is a description of these changes at - so, welcome to share your experience there!

    Here is the full changelog of our new version. It has 85 closed issues including new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

    You can see the details on each point in our Redmine issue tracker: 3.2.0 & 3.2.1

    The patch is also available through auto updater. Please make backup of your files and database before starting an upgrade. Once you upgrade your version from 3.1.x you need to run upgrades for your Personal Blog plugin. You can do this on Extensions / Plugins page.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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