Subrion CMS 2.3.0 Released!

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  1. Vasily_B.

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    It's a happy day for our team and we hope to share our happiness with you, our dear members. We have prepared a new version of our software and this time it includes many new impressive features and refactored code.

    So what we have in Subrion CMS 2.3.0, here is the list of the most important changes in our software:
    • Bug #426: Duplication of phrases when installing extras
    • Bug #427: Breadcrumb issue in IE7
    • Bug #429: System DB table cannot handle large IDs of listings
    • Bug #431: Phrase missing
    • Bug #435: Keep status for inventory login/logout menu items
    • Bug #437: Incorrect URL to sql upgrade
    • Bug #440: setItemTools should be moved from core class
    • Bug #441: Improve email validation
    • Bug #455: broken images of accounts with '.' (dot) in username
    • Bug #475: Check the phrases selection scheme if there are duplicated phrase keys
    • Bug #478: Wrong Installation URL
    • Bug #479: Home page shows error after install
    • Bug #482: Unable to register users since username field is not displayed and equals to empty string
    • Bug #484: Login failed on site with multiple sudomains
    • Bug #486: JS eraseCookie function does not work
    • Bug #494: Clear cache generates error
    • Bug #495: Update default installation dump
    • Bug #498: Installer does not save debug status
    • Bug #499: Installer error when no plugins available
    • Bug #500: Incorrect alignment on registration
    • Bug #501: No email when registering on frondend
    • Bug #503: Menu management bugs
    • Bug #504: Update template information
    • Bug #505: Missing phrases + minor problems
    • Bug #506: Clear cache after fieldgroup creaton
    • Bug #508: Create ckeditor.css content
    • Bug #509: Incorrect installer step status
    • Feature #28: Remote plugins installation
    • Feature #110: Improve page titles
    • Feature #126: Add usergroup filter for Manage Members
    • Feature #149: Add bigdump sql importer in the default version
    • Feature #418: Install set of plugins during installation
    • Feature #424: Change fields settings during template installation.
    • Feature #433: Min value for the account balance payment
    • Feature #438: Implement a new font for the default template
    • Feature #457: To display common site title if frontend is turned off
    • Feature #461: Allow to change menu positions on template installation
    • Feature #463: Filename without full path to external tpl files for blocks
    • Feature #466: Update installer templates
    • Feature #467: Move order_by_rand into iaDb class
    • Feature #476: WYSIWYG for plans description
    • Feature #477: Update CKEditor to 4.0 version.
    • Feature #481: Update edit area library
    • Feature #488: Refactor core functions
    • Feature #489: Move cron functions to a cron class
    • Feature #491: post_goto method should be moved out from iaCore class
    • Feature #492: Move loadSmarty method to iaView
    • Feature #493: Get rid of redirect page when cancelling invoices
    You can find the full list of our 2.3.0 roadmap here:
    2.3.0 - Subrion CMS

    We would like to point your attention to the most significant feature of this release - Remote Plugins Installation. It allows you to install all free plugins directly in admin panel, you don't need to download the plugins, upload using ftp. The script will do the work itself :) So you only need to check in admin panel what plugins you'd like to see and that's all!

    I'm sure you will like the new version.

    Please ask if you have any questions. Thanks!
  2. wazza

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    Awesome guys. Subrion has come a long way in a very short time.

    Just one question. I am about 70% complete on my recipes package. Will packages still work for this version or are there changes i need to be aware of with package development?

    keep up the good work.

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  3. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi Quentin,

    The package should be compatible with 2.3 version, the only possible point that might be different - please check iaDb->row, iaDb->one classes. Their params go in a bit different manner.

    The rest should be compatible!
  4. popey87

    popey87 Member

    Hey Vasily, love the 2.3.0 version it looks great and has alot of great extra features, just would like to know when you think you will release Article package for this version as the previous article package didnt work on my install, just said "Aborting" in top left of front end.
  5. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    New publishing script version will be released shortly, we only require few hours to complete the milestone. Meanwhile please contact us with your FTP details so we could investigate the issue.

  6. popey87

    popey87 Member

    I have sent them, I hope this helps you out.
  7. wazza

    wazza Member

    Thanks Vasily
  8. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Always at your service, I'm glad to advise!

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