Subrion CMS 3.0.1 has been released!

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    Meet the new version of Subrion Open Source CMS - 3.0.1. It's a set of bug fixes as well as improvements for the core functionality. Here is the changelog:

    Bug #926: Can not edit Gallery Image Title after image is added.
    Bug #928: Issue with file uploads in admin panel
    Bug #929: Make better design for search results on frontend
    Bug #943: Admin Panel: text in help blocks crosses borders if too long
    Bug #950: Admin Panel: add class and styles for tree toggle links
    Bug #951: Styles for Redirect page
    Bug #952: Can not select sponsored date
    Bug #953: Problem with 'add to favorites' actions
    Bug #955: Incorrect date format for remote plugins
    Bug #957: Design frontend notifFloatBox
    Bug #959: Edit titles for Picture Gallery field
    Bug #964: Compress JS works incorrectly
    Bug #966: Sensitive case for files types validation
    Bug #969: Wrong days count on dashboard
    Bug #974: Responsive design - menu using icon
    Feature #112: Improve blocks
    Feature #375: Create method to detect browser
    Feature #930: Add a script-wide function to remove uploaded pictures
    Feature #956: Improve log class to accept correct URLs
    Feature #958: Admin Panel: Implement tooltips for config options
    Feature #961: Add/display description for fieldgroups
    Feature #962: Display fieldgroups as tabs
    Feature #963: Add collapsible on/off for fieldgroups

    Feature #975: Add link to Plugins page on 'Add plugin' widget on Dashboard
    Feature #976: Fieldgroup description in Admin Dashboard

    Please ask if you have any questions.

    Patch is available through our regular system in Admin Dashboard directly. You should see a notification on top right and you will be a given a link to upgrade script. Just follow the instructions.
    If the upgrade process generates an error 'the file is not available.' then you need to make one correction in install/modules/module.upgrade.php file. Please find this line:
    $patchUrl = 'http://jjangaraev/patch.iap';//'';
    Change it to the following:
    $patchUrl = '';
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    Love the new contact us subject field in plugin A+
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    Thanks for the feedback.

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