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    Finally it's time to announce the release of Subrion 4.1 core system. It's a complex release with the tons of changes, that significantly improve our system architecture. Here are some most important features implemented in our 4.1 version:

    1. Improved multilingual support - finally text fields can have content in several languages. Metas, block titles, menu titles are translatable as well as some other areas of our software.
    2. Improved items management - now plugins can have their own items which simplifies the development of extensions.
    3. Code style is now PSR-1/PSR-2 compatible. This helps to keep the code cleaner and use automation tools to correct code according to code standards.
    4. Better images management - now you can tie several image sizes to the same image/gallery field to have them resized for different areas.
    5. API core - flexible and extensive API system to generate JSON based content to use in applications

    Here are some critical changes you should consider:
    1. Plugins & packages are now should be uploaded to modules/ folder
    2. printImage smarty function is now ia_image

    Here is the changelog:
    Please note, 4.0 packages & plugins & templates are not compatible with core 4.1. Anyhow, we've updated the major part of the most popular plugins & templates, so they are now available for the latest 4.1.3 core version.

    Pay attention to the compatibility while adding extensions to your Subrion Core installation in manual mode.

    Do let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist.

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    And a *GREAT* new release it IS!
    Running latest Subrion on my Apache VPS + PHP 7.1.4 and haven't ran into issues yet besides some plugins not being comaptible yet.
    Thank you all for the great job done and keep up the good work, much appreciated!


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