Subrion Coupons Script 3.1.2 is released!

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    Meet a new version of our coupons & deals script - 3.1.2. It's a major release with many improvements. Here is the changelog:
    • Bug #1479: Script displays only 5 shops on Shops page.
    • Bug #1487: No "View Shop" page available when creating a block
    • Bug #1502: Inactive coupons get listed and can be viewed
    • Bug #1544: Incorrect URL for categories
    • Bug #1545: Title Alias is empty for Shops if no Website field
    • Bug #1560: Warning that category with the same alias exists when editing any category
    • Bug #1574: Additional empty window opens if no affiliate link entered
    • Bug #1620: There is no plans for shops on Add Coupon page
    • Bug #1654: Admin Panel: no categories tree shown when editing listing
    • Feature #1657: Correct counters when expired coupons are not displayed
    • Feature #1658: View shop page: pagination for coupons
    • Feature #1739: Price for coupons
    • Feature #1740: Ability to set discount for coupon
    • Feature #1741: Default expire date lasts one week
    See the full list of changes here:

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    P.S. Please be careful before the upgrade. Don't forget to make backups.

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