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    sorry for my english, but I am study. I am concerned about the Subrion software and CMS seems a good fit for a worthy rival to the rest of your competition. However, I share my translation to my Castilian language (Spanish) and I would love if you are interested of course, Subrion team to implement language packs instead of manual translation through the system software.

    Also, allows us to take advantage and translations in real time, of course, will share my translations and takes to correct the remainder.
    I am now using my hosting Subrion and checking their duties personally, but I do not have access to other translations, for example: In the category menus on the left.Not be wrong to advise me to access them and completely translated.

    State of the translation:
    Language: Castilian - Spanish (South America - Uruguay)
    Full: 95% calculated.
    Attachment: Yes

    Well, I will continue in my thing and hope for a response from you. A kiss.

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  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Greetings and welcome aboard!

    Your English is fine, we easily understand each other. Thanks for the translation. We will finally release one more plugin today that would allow to import translated phrases via Transifex. So you will be able to use the translation done at Transifex, we have many languages there. Some languages have been translated using Bing translator and in some cases we would only need to correct some phrases.

    Keep an eye on our twitter news to be informed about new plugin release!
  3. ivanvieira

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    Subrion team,

    Just as Arsbin I see great potential in Subrion CMS, so I uploaded a file today with the translation into Brazilian Portuguese (100%) in Transifex site. The file looks like it was loaded, but the phrases still appear as not reviewed, I wonder if there is any programmatic way to review all phrases at once.

    I am attaching the file to the topic.

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  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Thanks @ivanvieira

    I've just marked all your phrases as reviewed and set your as a Reviewer. Thanks for your help!
  5. GooldLucros

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    Olá, como posso importar um arquivo de tradução de pt_BR para os autos da sub-seção e para fazer o código via cpanel?
  6. jancordeiro

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    Se vc já tem o arquivo .CSV, da uma olhada nesse artigo amigo:

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