Subrion Open Source CMS 2.2.2 has been released!

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    It's been less than a month since our last release. Meet 2.2.2 version. Here is the changelog:

    Code (Text):

    Bug #83: Incorrect default timezone
    Bug #85: Duplicate queries
    Bug #88: Incorrect MySQL queries in admin panel
    Bug #93: Blocks state is not saved
    Bug #136: Field creation does not limit groups
    Bug #207: Add active element for sidebar-list menu
    Bug #211: Login information is reset after page reload
    Bug #212: User's balance is 0 after approving a transaction
    Bug #215: Incorrect stats if item table differs from item name
    Bug #220: Check for site performance in Safari web browser
    Bug #224: Allow installation on IP address
    Bug #226: Controls with no rounded corners at Admin Panel login page
    Bug #227: Correct H1 styles for the default template
    Bug #230: No up/down marker for collapsible fieldsets
    Bug #231: Template is not installed on core installation
    Bug #235: Account menu: path to default avatar is incorrect if there are several languages
    Bug #237: Grid icons are not displayed in admin panel
    Bug #242: Edit Phrases missing
    Bug #244: Create new block does not work
    Feature #99: Think about adding font icons instead of default bootstrap icons
    Feature #102: Add jquery pagination plugin in core
    Feature #104: Implement Bootstrap timepicker and colorpicker components
    Feature #108: Accordion with categories additional features
    Feature #124: Option to hide grid columns by default
    Feature #143: Adding tabs using twitter bootstrap tabs
    Feature #192: Integrate Font-Awesome
    Feature #200: No way to change block collapsible state
    Feature #209: Include bootstrap responsive css in core
    Feature #214: Add word draft to core version
    Feature #228: Reserve RSS icon placement
    We have updated our demo version. The plugins are compatible with the 2.2.x branch.

    Upgrade patch is also ready and you can get it in your downloads area.

    Now we are working on the packages. They will be released shortly!


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