Subrion Open Source CMS 3.3.4 is ready!

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    This time it took a bit longer to release the version. We indeed have serious reasons for the delay, and I'm sure you will forgive us when you see the results :) The team is working on X-project here in addition to the core development... We hope to show the results by August.

    Anyhow, meet subrion open source cms 3.3.4 with some improvements and bugfixes. We've implemented a new field type - tree.

    Here is the full changelog:
    Here is the link to full details -

    Upgrade patch is also ready. Please back up your database & files before applying patch. Plugins / templates compatible with 3.3.3 version will also work on the new 3.3.4 core.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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    Is 3.3.4 compatible with Publishing 3.3.0 ?
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    You guys should add a new feature on your base software, if there is an incompatible app, the software should not continue to update/upgrade process????

    Should be a warning like: "Publishing 2.9.0 is not compatible with Subrion 3.4.4"

    The above example is made up.... :)
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    Yes, the publishing demo was updated so you can easily upgrade your core. It will work fine.

    Make backup before start. Cheers

    Your request sounds pretty reasonable. Definitely goes to our next version milestone.

    There could be problems though. The package only lists minimal version, so we don't know if package done for 3.3.3 is compatible with 3.3.4 version. This can only be clear when we release 3.3.4.

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    We've just released auto updater patch -, with some minor fields fixes in admin dashboard.
    It won't affect your core custom functionality at all, so you can be sure it will be applied as expected.


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