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    Subrion api?

    Is there a API or something that would show me how to make my own plugins for Subrion. I desire a testimonial plug-in, although I am not sure how easy or hard it would be. I would like to try and make it.
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    Hi David,

    Well, unfortunately we don't have the API yet. Though we do update our local API documentation from time to time. Anyway, it will not be available for the next few months

    Here is the quick solution for you.

    1. Make a copy of news plugin and upload to plugins directory using name - testimonials

    2. rename:
    news.php -> testimonials.php
    admin/manage-news.php -> admin/manage-testimonials.php

    3. Open install.xml , find and replace
    'news' -> 'testimonials'
    'News' -> 'Testimonials'

    4. Do #3 operations for testimonials.php, admin/manage-testimonials.php, templates/testimonials.tpl files

    Your first plugin is ready :) Just make some changes in testimonials.tpl to make it look more similar to testimonials and that's all :)

    Let us know if you need extra functionality here
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