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  1. Eleanna

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    New site set up 3 days ago, major critical error making the site non-functional flagged using critical ticket yesterday morning at 08.00am. So far, 28 hours of silence, and still a non-functioning site. A little support when needed would go a long way...
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    Dear Eleanna:

    I totally agree. It's even worse that you mention... You have only had to wait for a little more than 28 hours. I have left messages and opened tickets more than a week ago and haven't received any replies back AT ALL.

    Perhaps I can help you. I have been using this CMS for about six months now and I know a little about it. What is the problem you are facing? You can email me directly. My name is Dale and you should [email protected]

    I will try to help you over this weekend...

    Dale Allen
  3. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Hi Dale,

    thanks for your offer. I did eventually get an answer, and although speed is indeed not exactly their strongest point, the quality of the support, when it eventually happens, is nevertheless excellent. Can't fault them on that. Hopefully you will exprience that aspect of these guys as well. It makes up for quite a bit...
  4. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Well, fair is fair. the support bottle neck seems to have cleared, and I can only say, excellent. Helpfull, supportive and very efficient. First impressions are not always the right ones...
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