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  1. Boue

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    Appreciate you guys are no doubt very busy with all the updates to packages, plugins and templates following the upgrade to v4.1, but could you let us know when support is likely to be answering tickets once more?

    I have a number of helpdesk tickets from since 1st March which haven't been replied to.

    I don't mind waiting a few days whilst you are busy, but would like to know the timescales so I can plan my work accordingly. It would be very helpful, and reassuring, to know what date we can expect support to begin replying to helpdesk tickets again.

    Thank you
  2. Eleanna

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    I know the feeling.. Got a very rare contact on "chat" this morning, but... here's the transcript of the "conversation"... After 45 minutes of silence, I gave up, again...

    Department: General Support
    Full Name: Ian
    Your Question: Answers to ticket WPL-702-46088?
    Operator: Andrew G.
    04:36 Your Question: Answers to ticket WPL-702-46088?
    04:36 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
    04:36 You are now chatting with Andrew G. (Support Manager) - General Support
    04:37 Andrew G.: Greetings Ian!
    04:37 Andrew G.: Hope your weekend was awesome
    04:37 Ian: Good morning Andrew. Our client is anxious to get this moving, but without you putting a price on this, we can't do anything...
    04:39 Ian: If it can be done within her budget, the payment can be made this afternoon...
    05:00 Ian: ???
    05:09 Ian: Is there anybody out there?
    05:15 Ian: Andrew, are you still alive?
    05:24 Ian: 47 minutes of silence is one hell of chat support... What is going on?

    Just switched off. this is beginning to feel more and more like getting the two fingers...
    These people obviously need somebody with some basic conversation skills and basic manners...
  3. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @Eleanna ,

    There was a temporary network problem, so I was logged out from Live Help chat at that moment.

    We have already discussed all the issues via HelpDesk system.
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  4. Boue

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    In the interests of fairness, just wanted to post that support is speeding up again.
    Thanks Subrion team, appreciate that when you are making major upgrades things will slow a little as you work to improve the scripts we use.

    Thank you
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  5. Boue

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    Could someone in support please look at this ticket:


    Following upgrade to 4.1.4 none of my listings are visible.

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