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    Greetings @akcadogan ,

    As I understand you want to add an item like Autos to the left panel of the Subrion Admin Panel after installation of package. If so then you need to add the code like below to the ../packages/YOUR_PACKAGE/install.xml file:
        <group name="new_item">New item title in menu</group>

        <page group="new_item" name="new_item" url="new_item/" menus="menu">New item page title</page>
    where new_item shoud be replaced with your item name.

    I.e. if you edit existing page you'll need to insert <group> tag inside <groups> tag and <page> tag inside <adminpages> tag.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks for your interest in our software products!
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    Thanks for the answer.
    I want to create my own extensions and packages. Unfortunately I can not get enough documents about the tags used in the install.xml file.
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