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    1. How Much Does It Cost to build your own P2P Crypto Exchange ?

    To Start a P2P Crypto Exchange, you need a P2P Crypto Exchange script. The cost of a P2p Exchange script will start from $5000 approximately, based on the additional integrated features, API's and add-Ons the cost may vary.

    2. Why I have to build a P2P Crypto Exchange ?

    P2P Crypto Exchange is highly preferable among traders. You can earn revenue by charging fee such as ,

    ·Listing Fee

    ·Trading Fee

    ·Withdrawl fee

    ·Deposit fee

    ·Cryptocurrency wallet fee

    3. What is Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange ?

    'Peer-to-Peer'(P2P) exchange is the kind of Crypto Exchange Platform where participants are allowed to trade directly with each other without the innvolvement of trusted third party.

    4. How Does a P2P Crypto Exchange Works ?

    In P2P Crypto Exchange, once the trade is confirmed all the cryptocurrencies are send to Escrow featured Multi-Sig wallet and then released to the desired person automatically after proper verification process

    5. Why Bitdeal ?

    Bitdeal is the leading P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company with strong team of highly skilled developers incorporates Agile methodologies to Provide bug free P2P Crypto Exchange Scripts with 100% source code .

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