Transferring Directory To A New Host

Discussion in 'Installation & Upgrades' started by brainegg, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. brainegg

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    I was wondering what the "best procedure" was for transferring my already established directories to a new host. Should I re-setup the script from the beginning and then upload the MySQL databased through the administrator panel? I've tried transferring scripts before and something always seems to go wrong with the setting. Especially for the location settings.
  2. brainegg

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    Oops. I meant to post this in the Esyndicat forums.
  3. Vasily_B.

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    :)) well, the procedure is very similar

    if your both servers have cPanel you can do a full backup and then simply restore it from your cPanel

    or you can do that manually:

    1. copy all your files to a new server
    2. set correct writable permissions
    3. make a dump of your database and import in your new DB
    4. change includes/ file with the new values
    5. make few changes in config table to display correct URL value

    That's all in general. There can be also some specific issues related to servers
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    Let me know if you still need help

    I will more than happy to to help you for free

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your activity here. Anyway, the post seems to be VERY obsolete :)

    Anyway, I hope we will have more new active members - we have some kind of superb plans how to make this place as popular as eSyndiCat forums are.
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    I am not expert programer but i love to help out. If any of the forum people need help i will be more than happy where ever i can

    Looking forward to download new version of yellowpages today

  7. IoanIancu

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    If you are moving the virtual machine to a new host and have a network connection between the original host machine and the new host, you are finished with the preparations on the original host. Otherwise, you need to have a way of moving the virtual disk (.vmdk) files from the virtual machine's directory to the new host. You could move them to a shared network directory, for example, or burn them to CD-ROMs if they are not too large......;)
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