Unable to download article script after purchase

Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by pty10, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. pty10

    pty10 New Member

    I purchased the article script about 12hrs ago but I'm not able to download it. Every time I try to download version 2.3.4, I get a message that says 'You may not download the 2.3.4 version as your support has expired' even though you website says that six months support is included with the purchase


    I already lodged a ticket so if anyone from support is reading this message, your prompt resolution to this matter will be appreciated


  2. wazza

    wazza Member

    Hi Enrique,

    The guys probably wont be back until tomorrow (on account of the Easter long weekend)

    Im sure they will sort it out for you ASAP.

  3. pty10

    pty10 New Member

    Thanks Quentin,


  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    Order has been approved earlier today. I'm sorry for the delay with reply.

    Thanks for the purchase!

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