Wazirx NFT Marketplace - The Review

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    Wazirx NFT Marketplace is the platform built by wazirx exclusively for the art industry where one can buy, sell , create NFTs. As Wazirx is the India based company and the primary focus is given to indian based artists.

    Currently. Wazirx NFT has 15 creators and 300 more creators are whitelisted from the company. The popular artists on the platform includes vimal chandran, street artist Tyler, photographer Arjun menonm etc, It is said that they have received nearly 15K applications from creators all over the globe.

    The Platform is working under Binance Smart chain and has two different sections,
    1. spotlight
    2. Discover
    In the Discover section, the platform displays 50 selected artists each day where new talents are identified whereas the spotlight category is the kind of direct marketplace. Anyone registered can easily access the marketplace to buy or sell NFTs with WRX token.

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