What open source CMS do you prefer and why?

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What open source CMS do you prefer to use for your websites?

  1. Joomla!

  2. Drupal

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  3. WordPress

  4. Concrete5

  5. e107

  6. Other

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  1. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    A question for you. What open source php cms do you prefer to use and why? What reasons make you choose that cms instead of a different solution. What are the key points for you to choose a right cms?

    Yes, I know, so many questions to answer :)

    I will not include Subrion open source cms or esyndicat cms here in the poll, anyway, I'm sure one day it will be included
  2. acrox999

    acrox999 New Member

    I've always preferred php-fusion as my solution. Simply because of it's flexibility and simplicity. It's very easy to understand, very easy to use and very modular too. A lot of plugins and themes are available, since the community itself is very big.

    It also has a lot of key features that I want, such as news publishing and a built-in discussion forums.
  3. iggi88

    iggi88 Guest

    key points for me to choose a right cms are:

    availability of plenty templates to test / use,

    many useful plugins,

    and last but not least
    powerful community
  4. unicalx

    unicalx New Member

    Hello all,
    Key points for me to choose the right cms are:
    1) Stable Releases, not frequently updates like wordpress, more like joomla and Security no hacks,
    2) Valid W3C markup validation code html5 and css3
    3) Seo optimized (minify js,css,etc...) + microformats + multilanguage support for pages
    4) Coded well for having good page speed results for seo and quick cms respond timings + cache
    5) Good community + plugins + templates (flexibility to change them)
    6) Less requests better is
    7) Have the possibility to integrate a cdn for images
    8) 2 versions of cms, one with comments, spaces, etc... for understand the hole cms structure and a second super optimized for live servers

    I think that a developer can do all these things for his websites but for a community is a lot difficult make all these thinks. Subrion cms have many features it's very user friendly, i like very much the multilanguage backend for creating pages but must do some corrections for better seo like different meta tags for every language, different <html " lang="en" > for every language, optimize a little the code, and make the cache work better because when you activate it creates errors and must disable it for good working.Last thing try to correct some code for have a passed document on The W3C Markup Validation Service

    Keep going on guys nice work.
  5. Samhan

    Samhan New Member


    I choose WordPress!
    Free, very easy to use, flexible, thousands of free plug-ins & themes, you can use it for any and every thing, and the most important: just one click to update it!
  6. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    Thanks guys for your argumented points. Your thoughts allow us to see the weakest sides of our own scripts..

    That's what we are working on now ;) You will be surprised by the next version upgrade!
  7. Samhan

    Samhan New Member

    I test many and many scripts out there, but now I return here ;-)
    Hope all the best for you and Subrion team.
  8. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hehe, your final transaction return made me happy! Thanks ;) I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the software
  9. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    We have worked with CMS: Joomla, wordpress.
    We found the CMS Subrion by eSyndiCat. Even at the beginning of its development, drew attention for the ability to publish information via pre-configured fields. This is very good for people who do not possess the minimum knowledge in internet. We constantly tested Subrion CMS 3.0 and we decided to develop new projects with this promising CMS.
    Some features we really like:
    Constantly updated, adding new features.
    Templates for easy development.
    Plugins and packages that add new features to the site as needed.
    Agile support in solving problems encountered.
    Believe it will be a good CMS to develop sophisticated projects due to agile and beautiful interface.
    Good work and success for 2014.
  10. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Thanks @olairmarcos for both the feedback and the wishes :)
  11. jmonroe

    jmonroe New Member

    I am a big fan and dedicated user of Concrete5 and also part of the beta team. I love the CMS. Been with it for 3 years now. Does everything I need it to do. Great looking sites and easy to work with. I am making Subrion my number 3 CMS of choice. Number 2 is Impress Pages which I have also been with for a few years and close with the developers.
  12. jimmyjazz

    jimmyjazz New Member

    I am currently taking Subrion for a test drive, so far I like what I see.

    Another open source CMS that really got my attention is Rubedo. It is a nosql solution for big data.
    It has some nice features that appealed to me (geo location, where when you put lat/long into a form it will automatically place a marker with info on a map), it also uses elastic search which is cool.
    On the downside Rubedo is horrendous to install (it took me 4 days) & support is not so good.
  13. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, guys!
  14. I suppose I am late.

    I was an E107 fan. I donated $5 to their site for the "Asmodian Theme"
    I switched to Subrion afterwards.


    1. Eye candy. So easy to use.
    2. Great Admin power, flexibility. One page shows all the people waiting to be approved for
    various options in plugins, from blog posting, comments, to uploading files.
    3. Great ban function. Select all and you can ban or delete the offense. It was exportable as well.
    4. Great permissions page. Super admin could give various levels of power to moderators and admins.
    This allowed ease of use to grant 'packages' to members who had elevated powers but were not
    considered admin.

    5. The themes folder was fun because you could just duplicate the theme folder, rename it, change the
    intro css caption, add your pictures with the same name as the ones in the folder and 'poof'
    you had a new theme version.
    6. Users could change their own themes.


    1. I then went to their so called help page and was extremely unhappy.
    I had to login to a 3rd party site. I couldn't just go to their page to get help.
    They only relied on forums to answer questions about THEIR product.

    2. Updating was a pain. I could not just click on 'update' to get the latest patches.
    I find it better to import a patch using an already known software foundation, than
    to reinstall from scratch.

    3. FORUMS- It was a fun experience using forums until we upgraded to version 2.
    For some unknown and terrible, horrible, stupid reason.....they decided to change the table formats
    and not provide any conversion tool. This means TWO years of members having great
    chat in the forums, could no longer be seen. All content just vanished.
    Website functionality- GONE.
    We had to start from scratch.

    4. It seemed that E107 was not being supported on a large scale, maybe I am wrong.
    It just made me nervous because most of their plugins were made for versions before version 2.
    At least 75% of the plugins I used were not version 2. There were no alternate plugins that did
    what they did.

    5. Part of their CORE functions would not handle internet explorer properly. I tried fixing it
    but eventually when I did a restore, the errors came back and I just got fed up with using it.

    So anyways, I love Subrion and the awesome tech support.

    1. Eye candy, easy to operate.
    2. Great update feature.
    3. Blocks, pages, menus are so easy to use.
    4. Having pre-defined 'positions' for me to place content, is so great.
    5. Out of the box, there are more than 4 positions.
    6. Tech support- just friendly people answering how to get their product useful.
    Very informative and offer extra information that might not even be part of their job.
    7. Alerts right in the admin panel.
    8. Changing status in the pages/menus/blocks area is so great. You can change a status and click
    anywhere else on the page and it will automatically update.
    9. Adding themes is so easy.
    10. Style switcher is great to use.
    11. The slider position and the active bubbles are great to use. Also web designer is able to modify it with help of Subrion tech support.

    1. Admin 'all in one view' is not available.
    Imagine having categories in the Dashboard:

    1. Users banned:
    2. Waiting approval add html to news:
    3. Waiting approval to upload file:
    4. Waiting approval to add comment to blog:
    5. Waiting approval to be a member:
    6. Number of failed login attempts:
    7. Member complaints:
    8. Members logged in:
    9. Visitors on your site:

    2. Only 15 items per page. It is in a scrollable area, so this number should default to larger.
    Most of the time, I will edit one of the pages and when I get sent back to the menu, it will
    default to 15, even though I had it set to 50.
    3. Users can not change their own themes.

    So, I have other suggestions but they would not be 'cons'. Short list of cons and a large list
    of 'pros'. So I am very happy with this.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
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  15. armandost

    armandost New Member

  16. trevorl

    trevorl New Member

    I have used Joomla for community based sites and ease of modules configuration and user management, at present I don't think it has any competition for community type sites.

    I have used WordPress for sites that I wanted easy and free templates and classified sites are cheap to buy and setup in WordPress - the free templates for WordPress look far better than the free ones for Joomla.

    What I like about Subrion is that it comprises a mix of both of these and I trust the team at Subrion, Who do you know at Wordpress or Joomla???

    But best by far, and this is the reason I stuck by Subrion -

    Such cool support - it just rocks! You just don't get clear, simple and friendly support as good as this anywhere else!

    Keep up the good work!
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  17. mrkwiggill

    mrkwiggill New Member

    I have tried several, even some Paid CMS's and then one morning on my hosting site i saw Subrion.

    I prefer Subrion. Yes i know it's classified as a portal but does what all other CMS's does and more. From Subrion I have everything i need for advertising on my front page which includes feeds from other social media sites. With free plug ins like google maps, facebook, wordpress (and the list goes on) I am able to have everything and be everywhere at the touch of a button on one site. The possibilities on what Subrion can do is endless. After sales service (For a lack of a better term) is fantastic.

    Will rather have a "down" site than change from Subrion.
  18. SmaRTeY

    SmaRTeY New Member

    Hi there,

    I started couple of years ago after doing some comparisson of Joomla, e107, Drupal, Concrete5 and Wordpress with one not mentioned here; GLfusion :)
    Reason: 100% free, user-friendly and back then it offered a great user-right system with regard to the functionality available as well as a smaller community with great support. It is still around but reason for leaving it was the lack of modern themes. I have found in Subrion a similar system to GLfusion with better theming and also luckily with many free plugins which is just great!

    From what I can Judge Subrion is more user-friendly than the other CMS's, easier to start with and offers great flexibility and opportunities.

  19. SmaRTeY

    SmaRTeY New Member

    In addition, most important what makes a CMS stand-out is simply it's quality!
    Nobody is looking for a huge community driven CMS with 1000nds of plugins and themes and running into issues making the whole UX worthless and create many frustrating Admins. Sure it keeps the forums alive but not in a positive way imo and devs should be proud of bug free software before releasing new version.
    I am still trying out several CMS systems (and others) to stay updated on their progress and changes but what I mostly find is quality issues, mostly related to plugins and for this matter I would like to stress the importance of beta testing. And I mean, really testing guaranteeing a 99.9% working system for those who use it. I think many people prefer a 100% working website having a little less plugins or themes instead of the opposite. Ah and do not forget about SECURITY checks..... same here, most people do not want to have an insecure system no matter how free or how great it is.

    Wordpress (among others) has been improving their system usablity a lot compared to a couple of years ago. Still comparing it with Subrion I prefer Subrion BUT quality should be in first place. Not only core but also plugins and themes. A proven Quality is what grows your market share besides keeping up with security and keeping up with new trends. Offering a system with a structured code base available to other devs will grow plugins and themes.
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  20. princeadmin

    princeadmin New Member

    Subrion is a Nice CMS. I like it more than any other cms because of its unique look but I have few challenges in her plugins. If you can integrate plugin for exam and result collation, Result view, Ecommerce plugins and so on. I love to see those plugins..thanks

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