What should I learn before developing a crypto-exchange?

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    Well, first of all kudos to your decision because the cryptocurrency market has skyrocketed in the past few years. The growth of the crypto market provides various business opportunities for all startups & entrepreneurs. One such notable cryptocurrency business idea is Cryptocurrency Exchange. The reason is Generating Passive Revenue for their business owners. Some of them were stunned or asked how would you say creating a crypto exchange generates a passive income? Here I would like to present a live example, That is Binance

    The Binance cryptocurrency exchange was started back in July 2017 and within 2 years the exchange went on to become one of the best crypto exchange industries across the globe. The exchange operates across 45 plus countries, regulating over 500 different cryptocurrencies & they have more than 13.5 million active crypto users on their exchange.

    Unlike any other industry, the cryptocurrency sector did not cave in the times of the recent pandemic. In fact, they’ve generated over $570 million in revenue from their exchange in 2020.

    Now you have an idea why entrepreneurs/startups want to start their own crypto exchange, let’s eliminate further doubt - What should I learn before developing a crypto-exchange?

    Before starting any business you need a proper plan and coherent roadmap, same as for creating a crypto exchange you need a proper plan. Here is the quick roadmap to launch a crypto exchange

    Quick Steps to Launch a Successful Cryptocurrency Exchange:
    1. Choose the location to launch your crypto exchange business
    2. Do some industrial market research (Related to Cryptocurrency & Cryptocurrency exchange)
    3. Hiring a legal team of counselors
    4. Get the proper licenses from the targeted location
    5. Determine the type of crypto exchange that you want to launch
    6. Make sure you have required funds
    7. Hire the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software solution, provider
    8. Connect your platform with other popular exchange for high liquidity
    9. Partnership with payment gateway
    10. Deploy your exchange and start marketing your targeted crypto audience
    I hope the above information fulfilled your requirements. If you want more details, check out the article: 10 easy steps to start a cryptocurrency exchange business easily.

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