When active RealEstate package does not work WebDirectory package and more

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  1. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    When active RealEstate package does not work WebDirectory package and more plugins.

    Continuing test all plugins and packages installed on the site, we found that when we activate the RealEstates package, WebDirectory package is not loaded on the site and displays a white screen.

    By disabling the RealEstate package, the package WebDirectory reloads usually on the site.
    You must have some conflict between the two script packages and more plugins.

    The following items are affected: Not work.
    List members, Directory, Car listing, Services, Parts, All listings... Is not loaded on the site and displays a white screen.

    Version Subrion: 4.0.5
    RealEstate version: 4.0.0
    Web Directory: 4.0.1

    Thanks for help.
  2. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @olairmarcos ,

    We don't have any problems related to packages conflict (including RE and Web Directory packages) on our local and real servers.

    Most likely this issue is specific for your website/server.
    In order to determine the reason you need to enable the DEBUG MODE and look at error message (on blank page).

    Thanks for your cooperation!
  3. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    I have debug mode enabled on the site. The site does not load completely, then the debug mode does not work because it is not loaded with the site.

    - Disabling all packages and all plugins on the site, there was no change, the problem remains.
    - Erased all the files in the / tmp
    - Clear cache

    Installed Subrion script and also the RealEstate package on another server (Arvixe) and also appears the same problem. The RealEstate package is installed in subdirectory /realestates
    View image.


    Not shown any error in PHP debug server (error php).
  4. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    In debuger IE (Internet Explorer) got this error message. see image below.

  5. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hi, @olairmarcos ,

    It seems that you have a syntax error in the ../templates/common/block.filters.tpl file . Please try to check this file.
    If you can't find the reason of this problem by yourself, please submit a ticket in our HelpDesk system and me or my colleagues will help you asap.

  6. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    Thanks for answer, Andrew.
    Well, Inexplicably, the problem disappeared, the server test1 but is still present in the server installation (Arvixe). The problem appears in all browsers. So far, I could not find out the reason of the problem, but it has something to do with the ../templates/common/block.filters.tpl file.
    We will try to solve the problem or find out what may be causing the problem.
  7. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    Well, the problem returned again, have the blank page content when we activate the realestate package on the site.
    At once it is activated realestate package on the site, the package (autos) is white screen problem on the car listing.
    By disabling the realestate package, the package autos, back to work normally.
    We perform a new installation of subrion with updated packages in the latest version and can not yet identify where the problem is.

    In debug console IE these error msg in the new installation subrion:
    <b>Fatal error</b>: Uncaught --&gt; Smarty: Unable to load template extra 'realestate/extra:realestate/search.filters' in 'block.filters.tpl' &lt;--
    thrown in <b>/home/subrion4/www/demo/includes/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php</b> on line <b>129</b><br />
    Package realestate should have some bug because it affects the operation of other packages and some plugins when it is enabled on the site, along with others.
    The problem appears in all browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

    When I disable this HOOKS (smartyFrontFiltersBeforeFields) on the list, everything works normally. See the image below.

    Well, after much research i find that path to the generated file on the hook may be incorrect:

    The path right can be:

    In install.xml file we find the following line:
    <hook name="smartyFrontFiltersBeforeFields" type="smarty" page_type="front" filename="extra:realestate/search.filters"><![CDATA[]]></hook>

    Changed to:
    <hook name="smartyFrontFiltersBeforeFields" type="smarty" page_type="front" filename="search.filters"><![CDATA[]]></hook>

    Realestates reinstalled the package and the problem disappeared!
    Now all installed packages and plugins work. \รดรด/
    The next step is to test if the search engine and search filters are working properly.

    Thanks. GOOD JOB.
    I'll make dinner. :)
  8. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi @olairmarcos

    Thanks for your report. Yes, sorry there was a compatibility issue with the latest version, now it's fixed. Now 4.0.1 has this issue fixed so it should be ok now.
    Filters have been fixed as well.


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