Which Adsense ID?

Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by decanus23, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. decanus23

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    Hi guys, I am now in the phase where i want to implement Google Adsense ID (Revenue Sharing)

    I have added my ID into my profile page but nothing is showing on the articles that I have wrote. I tried both my Publisher ID and an ad i created ID and even my customer ID and nothing is showing.

    Do I have to activate a block? Or perhaps edit the articles settings?
    I'm really lost on this one.

    Will the adsense share only work if I have an adsense block? I thought that if the user has an adsense id then it will breate an add on their article. Or am i wrong?
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  2. decanus23

    decanus23 New Member

    I think I understand how this works now so bare with me.
    User inputs Adsense ID
    Admin has Google Ads showing on an article page
    When a user publishes an article, they get a %

    Am I Right? Please help... I'm very lost atm.

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