White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

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    A white label cryptocurrency exchange software is ready to launch bitcoin exchange software, which can deploy a fully functional, feature-rich, advanced as well as secured cryptocurrency exchange platform where anyone can buy, sell or hold bitcoins or other cryptos in exchanges of fiat or cryptos. Using this ready-made white label cryptocurrency exchange software budding entrepreneurs can kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange in one shot with no back paining efforts. Usually, this kind of software will be encrypted with advanced security features with great concern to provide a hack free environment. Based on the requirements this white label cryptocurrency exchange software can be customized to deploy a peer-to-peer crypto exchange or Peer To Admin Exchange, Centralized Exchange.
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    White label crypto exchange software is the best option for startups and entrepreneurs to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. It is a readymade software by which the entire crypto exchange platform can be developed in a short span.

    Benefits of White label crypto exchange software:
    • Easily customizable
    • Fast and easy deployment
    • Cost-efficient
    • Less technical knowledge
    • Saves time and money
    Features of your crypto exchange platform using white label crypto exchange software:
    • Margin Trading.
    • IEO Launchpad.
    • Mobile Trading Application for Android & iOS.
    • Crypto Wallet Integration.
    • Payment Gateway Integration.
    • Liquidity API.
    • Atomic Swaps.
    • Admin and user Panel.
    • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API.
    • Matching Engine.
    • Referral Program.
    • Firebase/Firewall Integration.
    • Trading Bot.
    • Pending Transactions Handling.
    The cost to start a crypto exchange is also less. But, the thing is there are many white label crypto exchange software providers are there in the market. Filtering out is going to be a tedious task for startups. Get the premium white label crypto exchange software from Zab technologies. They are experts in developing and deploying crypto platforms with almost every best feature in the market. Their highly experienced Blockchain experts can guide you with ultimate solutions for your crypto exchange development in the best way possible. Happy entrepreneurship!

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