xooArticles 1.1 has just been released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by admin, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. admin

    admin Guest

    One week has passed after xooArticles 1.1.RC version release. During this week we got few bug reports so we decided to release final version in time. We fixed all known bugs in this version and added some new features. They are:
    1. FCKEditor Youtube
    2. FCKEditor Flash
    3. MetallicGlare template
    4. Time display in bottom
    5. Language selector display
    During this time we fixed some bugs in our templates and consider some ideas taken from our customers. We also fixed the following things:
    1. Bug during installation
    2. Category selection is not saved when posting an article
    3. Manage database escape problem
    4. Pagination problem when browsing subitems
    We highly recommend to upgrade your current versions as this version is stable and more secure. Upgrade instructions can be found here:

    Contact us if you need any help or advice regarding xooArticles Publishing Software.
  2. TurXaliM

    TurXaliM Member

    Thank you very much for this Final release.
    I have been liked the features 1, 2 and 3. This is super features for me.
  3. admin

    admin Guest

    You are welcome. I hope you'll the whole version :)
  4. Johan

    Johan New Member

    thanks alot for the new final release 1.1,
    just installed the script and everything works perfect, great job :)
  5. admin

    admin Guest

    You're welcome.

    P.S. it seems DNS problem has been solved. Wait for another announcement via newsletter ;)

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