Yellow Pages Script 3.2.0 released!

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    Finally it's a right to release our updated yellow pages package, that's compatible with our new Subrion core 3.2.0 version. Don't be scared of a number of milestone issues. The version is really hot.

    Here is the changelog:
    1. Bug #1590: Edit Company page in Admin Panel hangs if I have uploaded to this company 2-3MB image earlier
    2. Bug #1624: Incorrect filling of the Title's value for URL field
    3. Bug #1639: Location title is not displayed on edit company page
    4. Bug #1652: Incorrect function "Allow to choose location on company submission" working
    5. Bug #1662: yp_categories table is broken if I try to edit ROOT category via Admin Panel
    6. Bug #1673: Nothing happens when unregistered user tries to add company
    7. Bug #1823: Empty values of Meta description and meta keywords tags on View Category page
    8. Bug #1826: Wrong breadcrumbs and category path on view page.
    9. Bug #1827: US dump generates error
    10. Bug #1828: Show / Hide the tree
    11. Bug #1829: Add a greater length to hours of operation
    12. Feature #1604: Popular Categories block should display categories from all levels
    13. Feature #1809: Add config 'Allow to add company for guest'
    Here is the link to our issue tracker:

    Always keep backups. Please note the version can only be used with the latest 3.2 core version.

    Here is the yellow pages script in action: yellow pages script

    If you have any questions please let us know.

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