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  1. Eleanna

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    What is the purpose of this feature and how does it work? We've been looking at this, but find it very hard to figure out the mechanics of it, and it's purpose.

  2. Gleb_S.

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    Sponsored Business is a part of Yellow Pages package. You can create plans for users so that their listing can be Premium (Sponsored). In this case they will appear in Sponsored block.

  3. Eleanna

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    ok, that much is clear. Now, when setting up a plan, there is the ability to define the duration of that plan. When declaring a company "sponsored" we are asked for an "end date". Which one is the governing period, the duration set in the plan or the end date set at company level? We notice that if an "end date" is not set at company level, the company does not appear on the sponsored block.
    We also note that the share links in the sponsoerd block are not functioning correctly. When clicking on the "share on Facebook" link for a sponsored company, the system does not share the company details, but shares the filter title instead.
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  4. Gleb_S.

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    Hi Eleanna!

    Please download updated Yp.Go template here: http://www.subrion.org/template/ypgo.html (fixed sponsored block share buttons)
    Here is how sponsored plans work:
    1. First you set plans for listings: cost and duration
    2. When administrator sets listing as sponsored, end date automatically sets as today+plan duration
    3. Administrator can expand sponsored period if needed.

  5. Eleanna

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    Hi Gleb,

    spotted this this evening, after Ernest made lots of changes this morning. So, we updated the template...

    "fixed sponsored block share buttons". Sorry, not working, we are back to where we were before Ernest did his thing. Twitter button doesn't pick up any image or text, just a URL, Google+ button picks up the wrong image, sometimes doesn't display anything at all. So please go and disable the twitter and Google+ buttons (like Ernest did, but that was undone by the update)

    The "Review" plugin can't count, check http://www.cretefocus.com/yellowpag...yves/Health-and-Fitness/10-Qigong-Studio.html and see how many reviews there are and how many the counter says there are...

    Also, check here:http://www.cretefocus.com/yellowpages/Hospitality/ For some reason there is an incomplete red border around the top listing.
  6. Ernest_S.

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    Hi Eleanna,

    As I noted in my previous replies I advise you to make backup every time before modifying/delete/update any files :)
    I will check your site.
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