What open source CMS do you prefer and why?

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What open source CMS do you prefer to use for your websites?

  1. Joomla!

  2. Drupal

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  3. WordPress

  4. Concrete5

  5. e107

  6. Other

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  1. princeadmin

    princeadmin New Member

    Subrion is a Nice CMS. I like it more than any other cms because of its unique look but I have few challenges in her plugins. If you can integrate plugin for exam and result collation, Result view, Ecommerce plugins and so on. I love to see those plugins..thanks
  2. adnanbutt366

    adnanbutt366 New Member

    we are using WordPress for our website. i am not a web developer but before deciding about WordPress i searched online and i find most of the articles were about WP but after using 2 years when we want some customization in our web according to our wish and need web developers saying their are some limitations in WP so we cannot customize it as you wish.
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